Amino Acid Chelated Compound Elements CAS:65072-01-7

The Amino Acid Chelated Compound Elements is a unique and innovative formulation designed to provide plants with essential nutrients in a highly bioavailable form. This product combines the benefits of amino acids and chelated compounds to enhance nutrient absorption and utilization by plants.

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Application and Effect

Amino Acid Chelated Compound Elements on plants are numerous and significant. The chelated compounds enhance the solubility and availability of nutrients, improving their absorption by plants. This results in improved nutrient uptake efficiency, reducing the risk of nutrient deficiencies and optimizing plant growth and development. Amino Acid Chelated Compound Elements are mixed with water and applied to the root zone of plants. This allows for the nutrients to penetrate into the soil and come into contact with the roots, where they can be taken up by the plants. Soil drenching is beneficial for promoting root development and overall nutrient absorption.

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Additional Information:

Assay 99%
Appearance Pale yellow powder
CAS No. 65072-01-7
Packing 25KG
Shelf Life 2 years
Storage Store in cool and dry area
Certification ISO.

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